Monday, 12 January 2015

Our Spring topic!

Our topic for the spring term is 'Supermarket!' This project has a science focus and we will learn about a range of materials and their properties used for packaging in shops and supermarkets and about the issues surrounding waste and re-cycling. At the heart of this project the children will write and follow a range of instructions and develop additional skills in creating labels, lists and captions. The children will then apply their skills and understanding by setting up and managing their own section of a supermarket! In this project the children will learn: • How various materials react to being heated,cooled,mixed,twisted, crushed and changed using a range of processes; • What products are sold at supermarkets and how they are packaged; • How to find information by interviewing, using ICT and first hand experience; • How to follow and write a recipe; • How to use metric measurements of weight; • To identify the features of a fair test; • How to be aware of safety and hygiene when preparing food; • To record their work in writing and through the use of digital media; • To solve simple problems using money and recognise different coins; • How to design and make packaging and labelling using various techniques and vocabulary. In literacy we will be looking at the book 'The Shopping Basket' by John Burningham, as well as writing instructions. In mathematics our focus will be counting in 2s, 5s and 10s as well as number bonds to 10 and doubles. Our PE day remains on Monday.

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